Coming soon, there will be a toxic spill causing zombies to rise and roam the streets searching for brains! The fourth annual Lima Zombie Walk will start at Faurot Park in Lima on Saturday, October 5, 2013. The Zombies will gather in the park across from Woodlawn Cemetery at 2 pm and the walk will begin at 3 pm.

For the uninitiated, the Zombie Walk is a simple and fun concept – wear your grubbiest zombie gear, lurch your way down the street with the other zombies and stay in character, grunting and slurring on the hunt for fresh brains and flesh. The Walk is a family-friendly event. After the Walk, join the zombies back at Faurot Park for the official Zombie Walk after-party!

There will be prizes for the most original zombie and the zombie who brings in the most donations. Additionally, there will be live music, gift bags for the kiddos, vendors and special guests in attendance and plenty of eats!

Every dime raised at the Zombie Walk is donated to Happy Tails Pup Partners. A local animal rescue group, Happy Tails rescues dogs, supplies medical treatment and training and adopts dogs out to good ‘furever’ homes. And, that costs money! The sponsors are asking for a $5 per adult zombie and $3 per child zombie minimum donation. Only five bucks or so and a great time will help so many wonderful dogs!

Be there on October 5th to be part of the zombie horde or to have fun just watching as terror takes to the streets! And, don’t forget to bring your camera!