Recently we asked that you give it up for our pal, Jeremy Harris! Jeremy wanted to win a trip for a Master Class with Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. So, he recorded his amazing guitar work and needed your help by clicking on the link and watching Jeremy jam. ¬†Apparently, loads of folks clicked, watched and helped make Jeremy’s dream a reality.

Here’s a personal message from Jeremy thanking everyone for their votes!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! To all my friends that posted my GUITAR video for the Synyster Gates Master Class. I WON and was chosen as one of the Elite 10 Grand Prize winners that gets to go to Cali and Jam with Synyster Gates. Synyster hand-picked the 10 finalists to come out. Your posts and watching of the video got me to the top 5 ,then it was up to Synyster to watch and decide who was going to win. Thank you so much for helping get a chance to jam with my favorite guitarist. I also won a new Shecter Synyster Gates guitar and more prizes as well