Chicago industrial metal band DOPE have released a video teaser showcasing the brand new track titled “Drug Music” to be featured on the band’s 6th self-produced LP titled “Blood Money,” scheduled for release in March of 2014. Speaking publicly for the first time in four years, founder and frontman Edsel Dope weighs in what fans can expect:

“It sounds like Dope. But it’s next level. It’s Dope in 2014. With every record, the chemistry changes, the band changes and the sound expands. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. It’s heavy, it’s pointed, it’s punk, pissed off, angry, electronic, noisy, melodic and metal. It picks up where ‘No Regrets’ left off and yet somehow has a lot of the punk / industrial energy of the early Felons and Revolutionaries stuff. It’s Dope. And like all Dope, it’s best when played extremely loud and while traveling at dangerously high speeds.”

DOPE is returning after a four year hiatus that concluded following the release of the band’s 5th album “No Regrets.” “Truth is, after 13 years of non-stop recording and touring with Dope, I was burnt and I just needed a break from it all,” says Edsel. He continues, “I’m ready to go now! I’m excited to get out there and re-connect with the fans and with that energy and feeling of being on tour.”

During the short break, Dope’s 4th LP “American Apathy” eclipsed one hundred thousand units sold in the US. Edsel continues, “selling 100 thousand records now days is incredibly respectable. Its awesome to know that our albums keep moving month after month on iTunes and in what few record stores still exist on planet earth. It’s pretty fuckin’ cool to gradually reach these milestones. It is extremely gratifying.”

During the time away, Edsel has assembled the latest lineup. “With every Dope album, the lineup shakes up a bit,” says Edsel, “People grow, visions change and opportunities arise. It’s just part of the process and it has always shaken out to be this way. Everyone has there own passions and we all support each other. DOPE has become like a fraternity and I am on great terms with all of the guys who have ever played with me.”

Edsel has reunited with former touring DOPE drummer and (MUSHROOMHEAD) percussionist (Dan “Dubs” Fox) while adding new guitarist (Nikk Dibs) and bassist (Jerms Genske), former lead vocalist of DIRGE WITHIN. Long time DOPE guitarist Virus, who is also a member of DEVICE with David Draiman of DISTURBED performed a handful of shows with Dope in August and joined the band for dates in Russia at the end of October. “I love playing with Virus. He’s my boy! I’m proud of him! He’s kicking ass with DEVICE. He kicks ass at whatever he does and we will kick ass together again in the near future,” concludes Edsel.

Original bassist (Acey Slade) recently returned to the band for a handful of Midwestern shows and will also be performing in Russia with Edsel, Virus, and “Dubs”.

We caught the show at Piere’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana and if that performance was any indication, DOPE is back with a vengeance! Fortunately, the band is swinging back around the area for a performance November 16th, 2013 at McGuffy’s in Dayton, Ohio. Don’t miss it! We’ll see you there! In the meanwhile, check out the teaser video below: