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I have never been particularly fond of stage thrillers. Perhaps this is because I’m so easily frightened. Maybe it’s because I’m a laugh-a-minute sort of guy. Thrillers won’t exactly give you that. But t...
by P.S. Luhn


Review: Legally Blonde

On Thursday last, I was fortunate enough to have gotten the last available ticket to Fort Findlay Playhouse’ production of “Legally Blonde.” It was a very interesting and fun choice for an evening’s ente...
by P.S. Luhn


The Outgoing Tide Review

The thing about the play, “The Outgoing Tide”, is that it is, essentially, a one issue show. And that one-issue shows can tend to be a bit “talk-y”, and, in places, boring. But, the audience which, Thurs...
by P.S. Luhn