The Blitz 99.7 is bringing another great rock show to the Columbus area. Trapt is set to storm the Basement on December 8th, 2016. 

Keeping the American post-grunge movement alive and well since 1995, Trapt’s current lineup includes Chris Taylor Brown as lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, Pete Charell on bass, Ty Fury with lead guitar and backing vocals, and drummer Brendan Hengle.

A lot has happened with Trapt since the radio favorite “Headstrong”. They now have six studio albums to their credit and several Billboard #1 hits. Always evolving and creating new material, Trapt is currently riding high on their August 2016 album release, DNA. The band just finished a four month tour called Make America Rock Again, during which they played with some of the best rock bands of the 2000s including Saliva, Saving Abel, Tantric, Alien Ant Farm and more.

Coming off such a monster tour, the Columbus show is going to be an intimate venue for the guys. Given the band’s style and the content of their music, Trapt is well-suited for such a switch. 

Trapt has been known for their lyrical style. Moody beats combined with empowering and motivational tones have been a constant throughout Trapt’s long journey, all the while keeping it real with punches of truth. Lead singer, Chris Taylor Brown has the gift to relate to the shit storms of life. Because their music has always been deep and private, it only seems fitting to hear them live in Columbus’s own Basement. 

The ticket pricing is a steal at $13.00 in advance through Promowest, so snap them up.