In late June 2012, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe was arrested in Prague on allegations of manslaughter stemming from a 2010 incident when a Czech fan came onstage during one of the band’s shows and sustained a head injury when Blythe was alleged to have pushed him from the stage. The young man died two weeks later after going into a coma from a brain hemorrhage.

Lamb of God’s management issued a statement saying, “This incident deals with a fan that three times during the concert jumped the barricade and rushed Randy during the performance. It is alleged that the third time, security was not able to reach him and that Randy pushed him back into the audience where supposedly he fell and hit his head.”

Video has surfaced online from the 2010 Czech show in question that may or may not be footage of the particular fan identified as “Daniel.” In the footage, the man who is alleged to be Daniel climbs onstage and, untouched by anyone, stage dives back into the audience. The second incident recorded, depicts Blythe and, more so, a security guard throwing the fan from the stage. And the third shows the fan leaping onto the stage only to roll off into the audience as other fans watch him fall to the ground. In the third incident, it appears that the young man hit his head on a guitar and may have hit his head when he rolled off the stage. He was not touched during the third incident by any band member.

Even so, Randy Blythe remains incarcerated.

According to SPIN Magazine, “Last week, the prosecutors in the case managed to raise Blythe’s bail from about $200,000 to approximately $400,000. Lamb of God’s management paid the bail but the prosecutor is challenging the amount again, labeling Blythe a flight risk. The presiding judge now reportedly has another five days to decide whether the current bail amount is satisfactory for Blythe’s release. If granted, Blythe will go home to the States but return to the Czech Republic for a trial.”

Lamb of God was scheduled to kick off a co-headlining tour with Dethklok on August 1st in Seattle. A Columbus, Ohio tour stop was scheduled at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. However, the uncertainty that remains over Blythe’s legal status has finally forced the bands to cancel the tour according to recently released statements:

In light of circumstances beyond our control, the upcoming Dethklok and Lamb of God with Gojira summer tour has been canceled. Refunds will be available to customers who already purchased tickets through their point of purchase. We thank Dethklok fans for their continued support and look forward to releasing information about the band’s upcoming third album and a planned fall tour in the coming weeks.

Due to the continued incarceration of LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe in the Czech Republic, the band’s co-headline tour with Dethklok scheduled to begin August 1st in Seattle is being cancelled. The band regrets the decision but the uncertainty of Randy’s release makes it impossible to carry on with the tour. Upon Randy’s release, it is the band’s intention to rebook a tour in the fall and at this time the band fully intends to participate in the Mayhem Cruise in December.

LAMB OF GOD wishes to thank Dethklok, Adult Swim and Gojira for their support and patience as well as all of the promoters who had dates on the tour. Last but certainly not least, the band thanks all of the fans who bought tickets for the tour and who have been supportive of Randy and the band over the last month that Randy has been held in Prague. Without the fans, there is no LAMB OF GOD.