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July 30, 2013

Travel Blog – Wanderlust Colorado 2013

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Written by: Joe Gast

Traveling around the world, visiting many different cultures and experiencing numerous events, I have hit one of my all-time favorites. Wanderlust!

Wanderlust is a relatively expansive gathering of Yogis for a four day event that focuses on challenging one’s mind, body, and spirit. wanderlust-0981

I woke up early Thursday morning joined by my Yogi partner in crime, Linda Dejel. We set out for the mountains at Copper Mountain Resort where the Colorado ‘leg’ of Wanderlust was based for this year. With no idea what I was getting into, I hoped for the best and that, at the very least, we would not have any run-ins with the local bears.

Wanderlust opened our eyes to many different styles and techniques of yoga ranging from Relationship Yoga to Acro Yoga (Acro being short for Acrobatic) and water board Yoga. During the daylight hours, Wanderlust offered a variety of classes on a sign up for or pay at the door concept.

With a full and exciting day one under our yoga mats, we soon realized the fun was nowhere near over as the beautiful star lit sky hit Copper Mountain. It got wild and crazy as Yogis joined in collaboration to dance and enjoy many different styles of entertainment from the stage. Some  of the favored acts over the course of the weekend included MC Yogi, DJ Drez, The Wanderlust Spectacular, and Moby.

If finding your true North strikes an interest and being surrounded by positive energy I recommend Wanderlust! This event travels all over the world in search of Yogis with a common interest. So grab your kids, friends, camping gear, and find the next Wanderlust festival near you! FIND YOUR TRUE NORTH!

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Joe Gast
Joe Gast
Joe is currently serving as an Airman with the United States Air Force stationed in Denver, Colorado. He is also the co-creator of the cyber security and technology firm, Cyber Ops Solutions.