Detroit Thrash City! That’s what I’m saying instead of Detroit Rock City because on Friday, April 28th we are celebrating music with Bay area thrash legends, Testament! And what a celebration it is because if you are a fan of the old school, then you’ll love that they brought metal pioneers, Prong, and thrash icons, Sepultura along for the ride! This is extra special to me because 23 years ago I caught a show with the same two openers supporting a band you might of heard of known as Pantera!

This go ’round, Prong starts things off with their unique style and distinctive sound. New York’s own Tommy Victor warms up the crowd with songs like “Unconditional.” Concluding their masterful set, Prong closes with the anthem, “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” and “Sense of Ears”. 

Now that our blood is pumping, next up to kick your ass is none other than the Brazilian thrash hero’s, Sepultura! Supporting their release of Machine Messiah, these masters of thrash are still going strong after 33 years of cranking out favorites in the genre and helping define the very meaning of thrash metal! Fronted by Derrick Green with Andreas Kisser on lead guitar and Paulo Jr. and Eloy Casagrande on bass and drums. They open with “I Am The Enemy” and “Phantom Self,” two tracks from the new album which dropped January 13th of this year. Then the pit goes totally apeshit for my favorites, “Desperate Cry” and “Inner Self” and they close with the very powerful “Ratamahta” and “Roots”! The energy level is through the fucking roof and these guys show so much love for the music and respect for the fans that I feel truly blessed by the metal gods!

Now that our blood is boiling, it’s time to witness the spectacle of total annihilation by the thrash gods, Testament! Hailing from Berkeley, California and starting back in 1983 under the name Legacy, Testament is a staple in the world of thrash and if their ever was “The Big 5”, it is undeniable that they would be the 5! Consisting of Chuck Billy on vocals, Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson sharing lead guitars and Steve Di Giorgio on bass and drum legend Gene Hoglan, they are supporting their newest release Brotherhood of the Snake. They open with the title track and also perform the songs “Pale King” and “Stronghold” which have received heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s liquid metal. Also some of my personal favorites included “Into the Pit”, “Low”, “First Strike”, “Electric Crown”, “Souls of Black” and “The New Order”.

Chuck Billy says they wanted to play some different tracks this tour instead of the norm and each band member played their personal favs which made this a very personal show even if we didn’t get to hear some of the songs you would expect like “Disciples of the Watch” and “Trial By Fire”! They close this phenomenal set with “Practice What You Preach” and “Over the Wall” and bid us a farewell with an emotional and humble thank you for the years of love and support! 

This tour is a must see for fans and I encourage you to support these all-stars by not only checking out the vast catalog of metal but get out and experience the live show these bands have mastered! It has been an honor to cover this show and I want to thank Testament for years of enjoyment and being partly responsible for my love of metal!

Until next time ladies and gents, keep them heads a banging, horns up high and I will see you in the Pit!

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Jason Hillard
Jason Hillard