A free Redbox coupon led me to rent the DVD of the movie, “The Founder.” I had wanted to see the film for some time prior to it’s release at the end of this past year. Although completely ignored during awards season, I think this may just be my favorite film of 2016. Director John Lee Hancock, known for doing “true story” films like “The Rookie”, “Saving Mr. Banks”, “The Blind-side”, etc. helmed this epic. His lauded skill at creating a Norman Rockwell-esque treatment of his subjects was perfect for this film.

I’ve heard that the characterization in this movie has been compared to the 2007 PT Anderson epic, “There Will Be Blood”, and I guess I can see that, but the main difference, as I go back and watch that movie again, is that star, Michael Keaton as McDonalds “founder”, Ray Kroc, is actually likeable to a degree (the first half the movie anyways), whereas Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood” – well, there is nothing whatsoever redeemable about THAT guy. . ..

Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch are just terrific in “The Founder” as the McDonald brothers. And, I just loved how the film details their story and innovations, for example how they used a Henry Ford-like system to crank out their product at super-fast speed. I especially liked the scene with the tennis court, where they pre-construct their kitchen to make it the most efficient.

Ultimately, this is the story of America, how the nation changed, and how super-industrialism and corporatism has stomped out the little guy and the old “mom and pop” establishments of the past. It really is too bad this movie didn’t get it’s due recognition, but hopefully with the good word of mouth from myself and others, it will find “cult success” on DVD, cable TV, internet viewing, etc…

Patrick Wilson, Laura Dern, Linda Cardellini and BJ Novak {in a great, slimy character role, what else??) round out the cast.

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Chad Spar
Chad Spar
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