As some may know, I’m not a fan of seeing movies in the theater but there are a few I’ll try to see if they look like the big screen is the way to go. This was one of those films. With that said, this movie has been getting great reviews by critics and that’s unusual to Sci-fi flicks. So I had to see and boy, was I impressed with this film!

Going in, I was viewing it as a sci-fi but it’s also about the human element. The basics of the movie is that an alien race lands 12 ships in random areas of the Earth. Of course, many view it as aggressive acts while some view it as a possible peaceful situation. Amy Adams plays a language specialist who’s daughter has died and I got that she had nothing else to lose, so why not try to learn to communicate. After being hired by the Gov’t (the General being played by Forrest Whitaker) she is sent to the US ship which is in Montana. She then meets her counter part played by Jeremy Renner (who has always been underrated to me) who is the scientist. After several months they attempt to communicate with the “aliens” in attempts to find out why they are here, what do they want? In the process, other Governments begin to question hostilities and with this it looks like war is going to break out. This is where the human element comes in, the “what ifs.” I’m going to leave it there otherwise I will spoil the good ending on what is REALLY going on.

I give this movie 2 thumbs up and 5 stars out of 5. If anything, the ending alone was great and the whole concept of science and the effects on the world come into question, just like today. Michael Stuhlbarg co-stars as the CIA agent in charge. See this, you won’t be disappointed.

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