I made it to the local multi-plex over the weekend to see what’s being described a “thought-provoking thriller”. Kevin Costner stars as one bad-ass dude (the film’s titular Criminal), who is implanted with a dying CIA agent’s memories to finish an assignment, and prevent, what else, world annihilation!

The film reunites three of the main players in Oliver Stone’s classic, JFK; Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman. Recent Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, also has a key surprising role in Criminal.

This film does bring up some interesting issues about human behavior. Most of the movie, I was on the fence. Throughout most of the film, Costner is on the run in London, predictably pretty much wreaking total havoc! But, without giving anything away, the last part of the movie causes me to give it a borderline recommend. But, definitely not worth seeing in theaters. Mine is more of a rental recommendation. And, the film appears to have tanked at the box office, opening in sixth place at an estimated $5.9M in great contrast to the number one opener, The Jungle Book at $103.6M and second place Barbershop: The Next Cut at $20.2M. Criminal may be one of Costner’s all-time lowest opening weekends.

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Chad Spar
Chad Spar
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