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The PBR Lima Invitational bullriding competition bucked into Lima for two action-packed nights, Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th!! The excitement took place at the Allen County Fairgrounds. It was tough to hang on, but several riders were victorious and the pay off was well worth their efforts! The final results:

1st CODY NANCE 85/87.5/ total 172.5 pts. = $10,000
2nd KASEY HAYES 82/83/total 165 pts. = $3,876.00
3rd ALEX JENKS 0/88.5/total 88.5 pts. = $2,325.60
4th SEAN WILLINGHAM 88/0/total 88 pts. = $3,100.80
5th CODY MARTIN 87/0/total 87 pts. = $2,093.04