Summer has just begun, and fear is in season.

School’s out, and the faculty at Fairington Elementary School are free for the summer. Emily Young can’t deny her attraction to Aaron Jackson, the Ed Tech from her classroom, but she’s afraid of being hurt again. Meanwhile, Aaron is determined not to let his phobia of drowning prevent him from enjoying the sun and the sand of Maine’s best beach town.

But they’re about to learn real fear. Fairington is home to a monster. Phys Ed teacher Matt Holmes has more to offer the ladies than a perfect smile. He’s a killer and he’s got his sights set on Emily.

Who at Fairington will conquer their fears? And who will fall to a psychopath’s hellbent rage?

Fear is something that we all face in our lives, in one way or another.  In Things We Fear the talented Glenn Rolfe explores different types of fear and how his characters struggle to face and deal with their fears.  His characters are well-developed and relatable to the reader.  School teacher Emily deals with her avoidance of potential relationships for fear of being hurt again as she gets to know Ed Tech Aaron better.  Aaron, on the other hand, spends his summers at the beach, struggling and forcing himself to face his phobia of drowning, stemming from a childhood accident.  While these two characters work to face their fears, they must also face the depraved evil of Phys Ed teacher Matt, a serial killer who loves to create fear in his victims.  Rolfe’s foray into the warped mind of a serial killer gives readers a new and thrilling look at the wickedness and fear to be found in humanity.

This is a fascinating tale that instantly drew me into the seemingly normal lives of Rolfe’s characters.Things We Fear is an incredible balance between facing your fears and the horrors found in those who live to create fear in those around them. I was completely enthralled with both the story and characters from the beginning and couldn’t put the book down. Rolfe displays an incredible talent in creating characters with which his readers can identify.  This was an excellent read and one I definitely recommend to all.  Overall, Rolfe shows us that sometimes there is more to fear than fear itself.

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Jen Matlock
Jen Matlock
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